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Wedding dress games➻Wedding dress shop games

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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of wedding dress games, which will also explain the wedding dress shop games. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to follow this page Stand up, let's start now! List of catalogs in this article: 1. What interesting wedding customs are there in the countryside? 2. How to get the bouquet in Room Escape Castle Lost City 2? You can't play after closing the game. How can there be a full version? What interesting wedding customs are there in the countryside? Today we will talk about those interesting customs when getting married in the countryside. Shanxi Marriage Customs——Inverting the treasure pot on the wedding day, when the groom goes to the woman's house to marry the bride, he will bring two bottles of wine. After arriving at the woman's house, the bride's natal family Pour out the wine and fill it with mung beans, and insert a chopstick into the mouth of the bottle. Snatching wedding shoes In some western countries, there is a traditional game called "snatching wedding shoes" when getting married. During the ceremony, the bride removes a shoe and throws it at the wedding crowd. Whoever can snatch this shoe means who will be the next one to get married. Dowry Customs Dowry refers to the dowry gift from the groom's family to the bride's family. The number of betrothal gifts varies from region to region, but the process of exchange is witnessed by relatives and friends of both parties led by the traditional ceremony host. In Yunnan, there is a very interesting wedding custom, that is, the pagoda dancing. This event is usually performed at the wedding dinner. Dancers will wear gorgeous traditional costumes, hold small pagodas in their hands, and dance to the music. The pagoda represents happiness and auspiciousness, and the dancers represent the bright future of the couple. What are the customs of marriage in rural areas? Generally, the man will ask the matchmaker to go to the woman's house to propose marriage, prepare to send the Geng Tie, and calculate the birthdays of both parties to see if they match. Room Escape Castle Lost City 2 How to get the bouquet 1. Room Escape Castle Lost City 2 Part 1 clearance strategy Click on the father and wedding dress mini game He talks and learns that the horse needs to be calmed down. Get the iron piece from the decoration hanging on the tree. Use the iron piece to unscrew the scissors pressed by the rear wheel of the carriage and get the blade. Check the trunk of the wagon. Get the claw on the stake. 2. The solution of the mini-game is still the same as before. For the wedding dress mini-game, we only need to use the connected parts in the figure below to get the wedding dress mini-game. Click the object in the yellow box in the picture to get it. We complete this mini-game Get a string of coins after the game. 7 We will use the coins we get against the vinegar on the left to get copper coins. 3. Escape from the Chamber of Secrets 2 Castle Labyrinth detailed guide ring, we can use the scissors to the position of the powder circle to get a clip, and then use the signet ring to the red and yellow circle to get the roller drawer . 4. Escape from the Chamber of Secrets 2 Castle Labyrinth detailed guide fragment (1), then come to the position of the green frame, assemble the three pieces, and then install the plate on the rope plate above, and then pull the handle, here At the same time, we can get badge fragments (2) in the flower bed, and then we click the ladder on the left to go downstairs. Where is the handle of Escape from the Lost Castle? The gauntlet is in the middle box, as shown in the picture. "Chamber Escape 2: Lost Castle" is a small puzzle game with a game size of 16060K. After the game is loaded, click the play button - then click level 1 to start the game. Room Escape Castle Lost City 2 Level 26 Hands are on the wall of the rock. At the beginning of this level, you should start with the Sphinx, click on the human face, and you can find the handle on the table where the human face is placed. After getting the handle, click on a box in the room and open it with the handle to get the tape and password 27. - Pick up [handle] on the wooden board 2- Click on the stone door next to it, a small game of finding things will appear, complete the game to get [cold anvil] (three statuettes of gods), as shown in the green circle, need to combine, (catch Monternet), surrounded by green squares, need to be combined, (Dragon Slayer) just put the knight and dragon together. purple circle. In the 11th level of the Lost Castle, we need to find clues in the woods that can allow you to escape. The following editor will bring you the content analysis of the graphic and text strategy of the 11th level of Escape Room 2, hoping to help you pass the level smoothly. Level 11 graphic guide Click on the position indicated by the arrow in the picture to get the match. The bracelet is in the box. In the escape room 2 game, the player finds the sword on the goddess sculpture through the castle maze map, gets the handle from the sphinx, opens the box to get the key, rotates the chip to make the lines form a path, and takes the snake head after completion and bracelets. Why can't I play the Holly Bridal Shop mini-game after the second level? How can there be a full version? The online game address of Holly Bridal Shop must be complete, there are many only two levels. Websites in foreign languages are also fine... Holly's bridal shop's online game address must be complete, there are many with only two levels. This is the end of the introduction to the wedding dress games and wedding dress shop games. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Wedding dress games➻Wedding dress shop games